Trends. You can love them or defy them. 

2021 saw a ton of trends coming into the limelight. According to Creatopy, 54 % of adverts were animated. More than 70 % of ad designs did not use templates and were made from scratch. 92. 22 % of adverts had original brand images rather than stock photos. 

As we move on to 2022 a lot more design trends are gaining popularity and playing around with them, graphic designers are sure to have a Helvetica good time!

Let’s dive right into the new design trends for 2022 and use them to amplify your brand voice.

1.More vibrant and bold typography 

Gone are the days when just any font would do, today to grab those eyeballs we need to invest time in every little aspect, and typography cannot be left behind!

There are different ways to make your words POP, pun intended. You try 3D typography to give a very realistic look to the design and make the words look like they may jump off the screen.

Play around with colours, don’t use a uniform colour for the subhead and head, try and experiment with cursive fonts. Making your typography vibrant and bold is all about mixing patterns, colours and trying to come up with something different. 

2.Brands in motion 

Source – Behance Pinterest

Let motion tell your story.

Want to make a design incorporating pizza, instead of a picture showing the ‘cheese-pull’ go for a gif that shows the action. The motion gif would be a lot more tempting and fun to watch!

Just static pictures can seem lacking when you can tell your story more engagingly and interestingly using animation. 

Want to check out a motion video we are proud of? Click here

3.90s Nostalgia

Look around, from the old song remixes to an old movie remake, nostalgia is everywhere.

Nostalgia is the desire for happiness we might have felt at a certain time. With all the chaos in the world right now it’s no surprise that we would want to find comfort in reliving old memories. 

A lot of major brands are using design to bring out nostalgia and connect with their audience. Take for instance KFC and Pizza hut who both brought back their retro logos for a while.

Source- Pinterest and 1000 logos

Other than changing the logo, there are a lot of other ways to create nostalgic designs like-

  • Using a retro font.
  • Picking up an old trend and using it in your design, like polka dots.
  • Using an old cartoon character in your design.
  • Picking a famous magazine or movie and creating a design inspired by it.

4. Doodles

Source – McDonald’s Singapore

Doodling won’t ever go out of fashion. It’s been around for a long time but is now gaining momentum in the world of brands due to the sense of familiarity, emotion, and authenticity it creates.

With a touch of personalisation, doodles can help communicate any story in a very compelling way and brands are increasingly becoming aware of this. 

So how can you incorporate doodles in your design?

It’s easy. Start with adding simple doodles like a smiley face or ice cream over your design. Once you get a hang of it you can move on to creating your personalised doodles and combining them.

It’s all about giving your design a personal look and feel. 

One of the best examples is google doodles. On every special day, google has small charming doodles drawn around the brand name. This is both fun and an easy way for someone to get curious and know more about the day.

5. Maximalism

More is More!

Maximalism is all about rejecting simplicity and over-saturation of senses with the use of bold patterns, funky colours, and layered patterns. It’s all about going against the rules and creating your work of art with dense designs and dramatic details.

Maximalism is polarising, it sure does make a statement. At its best maximalism can be dynamic and distinctive, at its worst it can be hella confusing. When you look to incorporate maximalism reflect on a few questions like –

  • What message are you trying to convey?
  • Is it an authentic venture?
  • Does it speak to your audience?
  • Does it reflect your brand?

For instance, if your brand is an NGO or retirement home. This approach is an absolute no.

If it’s a finance startup? Then maybe. If it’s a hip new restaurant? Just go for it. 

These are some of the design trends gaining momentum in 2022. We recommend you go for bold words, big designs, 3D patterns, and clutter-breaking big typesets. 

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