Everything You Need to Know for Brand Marketing in Diwali

Face it. There is no Diwali without shopping. It’s an integral part of all Diwali celebrations across India, whether online or offline.

As per data released by LocalCircles on 23rd Sept 2022, Indian consumers are projected to spend $32 billion during this restriction-free festive season in 2022. And a new study by ShareChat shows that 1 in 2 Indian consumers intend to spend more than they did last year, this festive season!


Here’s an interesting find – 

A quarter of Indian consumers begin their festive planning 2-3 months in advance. But another quarter of them make spontaneous purchases in the week before the beginning of the festive season. This means the time to attack them with your best tactical communication is RIGHT NOW!

This is a window every brand marketer should eye for boosting their sales beyond the stratosphere. It is, hands down, your best shot of the year.


Source: ShareChat


Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing in the Festive Season


Social media is the top dog when it comes to influencing purchases, even in the festive season.


Source: ShareChat


Discounts and offers attract Indian consumers like nothing else. And social media is the #1 source to discover them.


Source: ShareChat


About 70% of Indian consumers use online as one of their mediums for festive shopping. And 24% buy solely online. So it is a good idea to go all out on social media ads, providing CTAs with online shopping portals as the landing pages. Go for it!


Source: ShareChat


Facts & Stats About Different Product Categories


The demand for apparel, gadgets and jewellery is estimated to surge this festive season. 1 out of 4 Indian consumers is expected to purchase apparel ahead of the festivities.


Source: ShareChat


  • Mobile phones and accessories

Indian consumers are looking forward to replacing their old handsets with aspirational ones for a better lifestyle. Indians are now looking for 5G-enabled smartphones. Mobile phones and accessories will top online purchases this time, followed by beauty & wellness products.


  • Beauty & wellness products

Women top the purchase of beauty & wellness products in the festive season. 80% of Indian women now buy beauty products online. Price and quality are the biggest factors of consideration. And products with natural ingredients are preferred.


  • Automobiles

45% of Indian automobile buyers will be first-time buyers this festive season. 36% of buyers will be spending over ₹10 lakh on automobiles

this festive season. 41% plan to buy 2-wheelers while 59% plan to buy 4-wheelers. Again, social media is the biggest source to discover new offers, launches as well as motor insurance policies.


  • Jewellery

Indian consumers plan to buy gold the most this festive season. Followed by silver, diamond and platinum. Top categories are necklaces, rings and bracelets. And 22 Karat is the most preferred gold. 2 in 5 Indian women will be spending ₹25,000 on jewellery this festive season.


Tips to Plan Your Festive Marketing Strategy


In India, a good festive marketing strategy will go a long way in handsomely rewarding your brand. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning one:


  1. Creating Robust Festive Campaigns

The competition is high in every category. This time. So you definitely need to highlight the product quality and its features to convince the consumer that it’s worth the price.

Come up with festive offers that are just hard to say no to! Consumers will be actively looking for deals this period and there will be lots to choose from. Make yours stand out!

Target the right audience. Leverage demographic, geographic and content affinity for hyperlocal targeting this season. And remember keywords like ‘discount’, ‘deal’, ‘offer’ will be highly searched for.


  1. Online first approach

Adopt an online-first approach and language-first strategy to make the most of India’s affinity for language-first platforms.


  1. Analysing the results

Monitor and analyse daily so you can re-adjust your ads as required. Ensure that you’re reaching the desirable target group.

Track your campaign’s engagement with CTR, VTR and other interactions like comments, reactions and shares.

Measure the campaign’s performance with metrics like CPI, CPC and CPL.


Hope these help you strengthen the marketing in the final days of Diwali sales. 

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