Looking for a space like Clubhouse but a little more… professional? Get ready for LinkedIn’s own voice chat rooms (read: audio conference spaces) with speakers and participating guests. LinkedIn Audio Events is the social media platform’s new virtual events feature, currently in beta testing. The events will be like podcasts but live and interactive, connecting LinkedIn users from around the world.

This feature opens up a new door for companies, brands, influencers, podcasters, public figures, experts, etc. to connect with their potential audience and create their own community. And of course, for people to build a connection and exchange ideas with them.


Getting into details

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The image above shows how LinkedIn Audio Events will look in your feed on a desktop screen. LinkedIn users will be able to host virtual events of durations between 15 minutes and 3 hours. Those in the audience can listen to the speaker and request to interact if they have anything to ask or share.

Participants can see the LinkedIn profiles of other participants and the speakers. So they can also make connections with like-minded professionals and widen their network during the live events.


Who can host them?

As of now, LinkedIn Audio Events can be created by only a selected few creators. Hosting abilities for all LinkedIn users are expected to roll out later in 2022. But all LinkedIn users can participate in the hosted events even now. So you can start making connections with the dedicated LinkedIn creators and other participants right away.


How to join them

With the press of a button! You can receive the event link from a LinkedIn user, accept an invitation from an organiser or find an event yourself. You simply have to press the ‘Join’ button and wait for the event to start. Any LinkedIn user can share event links and invite connections, just like a Zoom meeting.


How to find and attend relevant ones

LinkedIn will be suggesting you events based on who you follow and the topics you are interested in. Similar to club house, powered by a smart algorithm. Other than that, you can find events by entering keywords in the search box at the top, turning on the ‘Events’ filter.

Source: Louise Brogan

You will get your search results below. If you find one you’re interested in, go to its page.

Source: Louise Brogan

Then just press the blue ‘Attend’ button as shown below.

Source: Louise Brogan


How to create yours

If/when you have access for hosting LinkedIn Audio Events, follow the following steps to create one:

  • Click on the ‘Home’ icon at the top of your LinkedIn page.
  • Click on the ‘+Add’ icon next to ‘Events’ on the left of your screen.

Source: Louise Brogan

  • Enter your event’s details.

Source: Louise Brogan

  • Under the ‘Event format’ box, select ‘Audio Event’.
  • Click on ‘Post’. The event will be posted on your feed to let other LinkedIn users know about your upcoming event.


Tips to promote yours

Doing these will help you maximise your event’s potential audience:

  1. Start promoting your event well in advance. Ideally, 2 weeks prior to it.
  2. Invite all the LinkedIn users from your network with the ‘Invite Connections’ button on your event page.
  3. Add the link to the audio event in your promotional communication. That includes emails, social media posts and stories, and your websites.
  4. Post updates about your event regularly on LinkedIn to make sure your followers remember it.
  5. Do a live countdown to build more anticipation.
  6. Ask us at [email protected] anytime and we’ll plan out and execute an effective promotion strategy for you.


The LinkedIn Audio Events feature is about to unlock a great opportunity for your brand to reach and build a relationship with its target group better. So gear up to make the most of it as soon as it drops.

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