It’s the last quarter of the pandemic year and your last chance to hit those revised sales targets. Most brands have slashed marketing budgets and every sales strategy is subject to magnified scrutiny unlike ever before.

Sales have been hit for most industries, business has been low and offline touchpoints have become a distant memory.Social media marketing services have been peaking and rightly so, SMM marketing is the holy grail of 2020 that can save your business.

Make sure your marketing strategy for the last quarter includes the following and you’ll be rewarded with higher sales conversions and leads.



Influencer Marketing :


Controversial but influential. Bloggers and influencers are the key to unlock visibility, engagement and conversions for your brand. Make sure to whet the so-called ‘influencers’ you associate with. In today’s times everyone’s a self proclaimed insta-celebrity and influencer even though their language suffers beyond comprehension and the only influence they have is on bots and paid likes. Auditing is essential, to know the right influencers and distinguish them from the free-loaders. You can contact a social media marketing company; they have curated and audited lists of influencers at every level – nano, macro and celebrity influencers and will help you strategize and choose the ones that will work well for you.




Pay per click. Put your money, where the click is. To put it simply, humanity is glued to their screens. Unfortunately, in lieu of the pandemic, we have seen digital screen time rise all over the world. In a study done by IPSOS, they found that screen time during the pandemic had increased by 80% among their respondents. It only makes sense that online screens are your new go-to touch-points. By implementing PPC campaigns on google and social – you can ensure that you spend only when you actually get results. This will yield a quantifiable ROI and give you a true measure of your conversions.




In a recent study done by Wyzowl in 2020 – it was revealed that a staggering 84% of people said they have been convinced of buying a product or service by watching the brand’s video. Let that sink in 84%.

66% of people in the same study said that they prefer learning about a new product or service by watching a short video. Video marketing is clearly winning over old-school marketing that focused more on verbose formats like copy and images. Make sure your marketing strategy includes a high frequency of videos – whether you shoot them or go with no-shoot formats, whether you make them interactive lives or pre-made content. The bottomline is – you must incorporate them in your social media marketing strategy.



Engagement driven content


What have we missed the most this lockdown? Human interaction. We’re social animals and the commonality that binds all of us – is loneliness. We’ve missed socialising the most this year and that’s a very strong insight for any business to understand and build their marketing strategy on. Every social media platform has increased it’s interactive features recently. Take instagram for example – you have lives, ask me anything on stories, polls, quizzes, challenges, gift cards and interactive AR filters. Why? It’s simple, to foster engagement from the audience. Engagement leads to affinity and affinity leads to sales and long-term loyalty. Make sure you use each of these engagement lead features on every social platform and actually engage with your audience. Simple engagements make big sales. Ask your social media marketing company for a dedicated resource on building just engagement. It will make the biggest difference to your brand’s marketing.

These simple hacks will help your business end the year on a good note. They’re tried, tested and proven methods. Now all you have to do is apply them with the help of your in-house team or your social media marketing agency.


Good luck unlocking your sales. 

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