Increasing screen time during the pandemic has led to consumers being online all the time. A study conducted by CMR noted there has been a 55% increase in time spent on social media. This has given rise to the latest version of “window-shopping” – shopping from the window of your 6-inch screen. 

The surge of e-commerce, especially during the coronavirus pandemic has catalysed various digital marketing strategies – one of them being video marketing. Ever since the role of video in digital marketing has evolved, consumers are watching more and more videos. Fact is, according to the survey conducted by Biteable, 68% of consumers prefer to watch videos to learn more about a product or service. 

While using video in digital marketing is necessary, shooting it can be very time-consuming and can burn a hole in your wallet. And of course, in a global pandemic, shooting a video may not be feasible or safe due to social distancing restrictions and other risk factors. 

And so, it is not surprising that the pandemic coupled with the importance of video in digital marketing has seen a rise in “No-shoot” videos. 

What are no-shoot videos?

Videos made using stock film and animation, as opposed to shooting, are no-shoot videos. They’re quicker, cheaper and the best part? You can get quality footage without actually having to shoot it. 

You can create a no-shoot video with the help of whiteboard animation, screencasting, 2D animation or 3D animation. Even stock photos and videos can be used for video production in digital marketing.

Why are no-shoot videos on the rise?

More and more marketers are turning to no-shoot videos in the pandemic keeping in mind its advantages – 

Profesh Quality All The Way

Stock footage or animations are often created by professionals. This means you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the video clips since they are well shot and perfectly composed!

And good quality makes your brand look better in the eyes of the consumer, leading to an increased brand perception!

It’s Pocket-Friendly

Shooting needs elaborate arrangements, from hiring a camera and crew to looking for suitable locations, making the entire affair quite expensive. 

But when you choose no-shoot videos, the cost of downloading or buying a stock clip or paying an animator proves to be a less expensive alternative. Ad agencies usually already have subscription accounts and get you good deals for creating the videos. So doing a video from them turns about to be a very inexpensive package deal that includes editing as well.

Saves You Time!

Time constraint is a crucial factor in digital marketing and video production. Apart from arranging for the camera or location, shooting a video demands meticulous planning. And this, in turn, requires proper time management. 

No-shoot video set-up doesn’t require as much time as an actual video. And since it’s quicker, you can keep creating content regularly and putting it out frequently. 

Saves You Effort!

Coordinating shoots with models, make-up artists, wardrobe stylists, agencies, videographers, studio and a hundred other things that get added to the production list – takes a lot of effort from you or your production house. 

No-shoot videos save you the effort and, of course, all the extra monetary resources consumed in co-ordinating shoots and video production.

What can you do with no-shoot videos?

Way too many things! Remember, videos appeal even to the laziest of buyers. And so, video marketing in digital marketing is of utmost importance. Creatively and intelligently done, no-shoot videos are very effective – from marketing new products to creating mood boards. You can make no-shoot videos for: 

  • Product Launch (Chicnutrix Happee)

When you’re launching a product you need to launch it with style and panache. There needs to be excitement around it. Using a mix of animation and stock footage you can bring the product to life, highlight its benefits, ingredients and even usage instructions. A powerful and clean product film will establish a deeper consumer connect – and generate the desire to click on that delicious ‘Buy Now’ button.

  • Explainer Videos or Informative/ Educational Videos  (Marriott – How to Use Filter)

An animated explainer video tends to be more visually pleasing than a man standing and talking. An explainer video highlighting a company’s products, services in a compelling manner is an asset. Bringing it to life with 2D animation helps simplify the information and break it down in a more digestible format than reading a set of instructions.

  • Company Videos (QualSights)

Company introduction to potential clients, investor presentations, training, instructional or safety videos for employees and a wide variety of videos under the umbrella of corporate videos can be created with stock footage. Good production value of these films takes the brand perception up a notch without you having to invest in expensive shoots. It really enhances the storytelling power of the film.

  • Case Studies (QualSights)

Case study videos help outline your company’s success in dealing with your clients. They may be long and even verbose so the video should be really interesting to keep your audience focused. Simple animation combined with stock footage will add authenticity to your communication and lend immense credibility to your results.

  • Brand Videos (Chicnutrix)

A mix of animation and stock footage can be used to create an attractive brand video to share your brand’s values to your consumers and prospective customers. We created a rather cool one for Chicnutrix to display at Lakme Fashion Week India –

  • Advertisements (Chicnutrix Beauty Collagen)

From creating simple You-Tube pre-rolls to effective ads on social media – it’s amazing what you can accomplish without shooting and re-using pre-shot footage. You can create unique ads with stock footage, 2D animation and make a compelling case to purchase your product or service or create brand awareness. What’s more? You can create a lot more ads in a lot less time for a lot, lot less money. 

  • Communication (Fast&Up New Years)

Yes, you can also create ‘non-salesy’ videos that echo powerful emotion using the right mix of creativity and editing with stock footage. You just need to find the right shots that will work magic for your script to bring forth the message. Check out this beautiful film for Fast&Up created entirely from stock by Pop Communications.

With the screencast technique, you can even create explainer videos that explain concepts or app videos that explain to the consumer how an app works.  

Whiteboard videos work best when you need to educate your audience in a simple manner. When your product or service is very complex, whiteboard animations help in simplifying your content, making it easy to grasp and stay in your customer’s memory longer. 

Clearly, the use of video in digital marketing strategies is of utmost importance. And no-shoot videos are a godsend for your brand during a global lockdown. You don’t have to let a pandemic or other budget crunches restrict you. 

Pop Communications can help you create perfect no-shoot videos. Whether you want to spread brand awareness, boost conversion rates or stay on your consumers’ minds despite short attention spans, we have a video marketing solution unique to you! 

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